Jamie Hyodo is an Assistant Professor of Marketing at the University of Nebraska – Lincoln. He conducts academic research while teaching services marketing and marketing research methods.

Jamie’s research falls under the domain of consumer psychology. Specifically, his work focuses on the topics of Affect and Emotion, Brand Failure and Recovery, Persuasion, and Moral Psychology. His research on these topics includes exploration of the influence of incidental emotions on consumer perceptions of products, factors that affect consumer responses to organizational transgressions, and consumer responses to affect-laden organizational communications, such as expressions of gratitude from organizations to consumers. His research also explores social influence, both in terms of persuasion tactics as well as factors that determine the extent to which consumers are “on guard” against firms’ persuasive efforts.

Jamie’s research has been published in Journal of Consumer Research (JCR) and he has presented his work at numerous academic conferences.

Jamie’s extracurricular interests include ultimate frisbee, fitness training, squash, and juggling.